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Showcase Brackets

18U Pool & Bracket Information
18U Bracket Seedings 16U OSU Bracket Seedings (Pools M-P)
18U Premier Championship Bracket (Seeds 1&2) 18U Platinum Championship Bracket (Seeds 3&4)
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
16U Pool M 16U Pool N 16U Pool O 16U Pool P


16U Hilliard Pool & Bracket Information
16U Bracket Seedings 16U Elimination Bracket
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H


14U Premier Division Pool & Bracket Information
14U Premier Bracket Seedings 14U Premier Elimination Bracket
Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
Pool M Pool N Pool O Pool P


14U Futures Division Pool & Bracket Information
14U Bracket Seedings 14U Elimination Bracket
Pool Q Pool R Pool S
Pool T Pool U Pool V


12U Pool & Bracket Information
12U Bracket Seedings 12U Elimination Bracket
Pool AA Pool BB Pool CC
Pool DD Pool EE Pool FF


10U Pool & Bracket Information
10U Bracket Seedings 10U Elimination Bracket
Pool GG Pool HH Pool II
Pool JJ Pool KK Pool LL


Following is a complete list of the teams playing in the 2018 Showcase by age group and playing pool. Please read the Showcase Rules to determine how teams will be seeded for elimination play. A real time interactive scoring table for pool games and elimination games will be added shortly before the showcase starts. The final master field schedule will be available for download by February 15th as a PDF file and will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Pool Game #1 - Team 1 vs Team 2 & Team 3 vs Team 4
Pool Game #2 - Team 1 vs Team 3 & Team 2 vs Team 4
Pool Game #3 - Team 1 vs Team 4 & Team 2 vs Team 3


18U POOL 'A'
18A1-Bulls Sox Academy EG
18A2-Florida Pressure National
18A3-Ohio Stingrays Marcum
18A4-Turnin2 Robeson

18U POOL 'B'
18B1-Chaos Showcase
18B2-Cincy DOOM Gold
18B3-Indy Crush 2K
18B4-Louisville Stunners Webb

18U POOL 'A' & 'B 4th Game
18A1-Bulls Sox Academy EG vs 18B1-Chaos Showcase
18A2-Florida Pressure National vs 18B2-Cincy DOOM Gold
18A3-Ohio Stingrays Marcum vs 18B3-Indy Crush 2K
18A4-Turnin2 Robeson vs 18B4-Louisville Stunners Webb

18U POOL 'C'
18C1-NWI Sox 2000
18C2-Ohio Lady Lasers Orange
18C3-PA Vypers Gold
18C4-Thunder Elite Premier

18U POOL 'D'
18D1-Indiana Fusion Elite
18D2-Michigan Batbusters Vitale
18D3-Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos
18D4-Ohio Wolfpack Mertes

18U POOL 'C' & 'D' 4th Game
18C1-NWI Sox 2000 vs 18D2-Michigan Batbusters Vitale
18C2-Ohio Lady Lasers Orange vs 18D4-Ohio Wolfpack Mertes
18C3-PA Vypers Gold vs 18D1-Indiana Fusion Elite
18C4-Thunder Elite Premier vs 18D3-Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos

18U POOL 'E'
18E1-Firecrackers PA Stoner
18E2-Indy Edge Lyman
18E3-Ohio Emeralds Byers
18E4-SunDogs Blue

18U POOL 'F'
18F1-Central Indiana Catz 2000
18F2-OFC Heat Orange
18F3-Outlaws Premier OH Yun
18F4-PA Renegades 3n2

18U POOL 'E' & 'F' 4th Game
18E1-Firecrackers PA Stoner vs 18F2-OFC Heat Orange
18E2-Indy Edge Lyman vs 18F3-Outlaws Premier OH Yun
18E3-Ohio Emeralds Byers vs 18F4-PA Renegades 3n2
18E4-SunDogs Blue vs 18F1-Central Indiana Catz 2000

18U POOL 'G'
18G1-Diamond Chix Premier
18G2-Indy Dreams Wiles
18G3-PA Lady Knights
18G4-West Virginia Dusters

18U POOL 'H'
18H1-Indiana Shockwaves Klienbub
18H2-Michigan Lookouts
18H3-Road Runner Elite
18H4-Steel City Select Gold

18U POOL 'G' & 'H' 4th Game
18G1-Diamons Chix Premier vs 18H1-Indiana Shockwaves Kleinbub
18G2-Indy Dreams Wiles vs 18H2-Michigan Lookouts
18G3-PA Lady Knights vs 18H3-Road Runner Elite
18G4-West Virginia Dusters vs 18H4-Steel City Select Gold

18U POOL 'I'
18I1-Delaware Cobras Gold
18I2-Indy Dreams Gold Lewis
18I3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson
18I4-So Cal Primus

18U POOL 'J'
18J1-Arizona Hotshots Gold
18J2-Cincy DOOM Shepherd
18J3-New Jersey Gators Gold
18J4-Team PA Hall

18U POOL 'I' & 'J' 4th Game
18I1-Delaware Cobras Gold vs 18J1-Arizona Hotshots Gold
18I2-Indy Dreams Gold Lewis vs 18J4-Team PA Hall
18I3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson vs 18J3-New Jersey Gators Gold
18I4-So Cal Primus vs 18J2-Cincy DOOM Shepherd

18U POOL 'K'
18K1-Indiana Gators Smitson
18K2-Maryland STARS Gold
18K3-Ohio Ice Gold
18K4-Pittsburgh Nitro Showcase

18U POOL 'L'
18L1-Kane County Xplosion
18L2-Newtown Rock Elite
18L3-Ohio Stingrays Griffin
18L4-UNY Revolution Gold

18U POOL 'K' & 'L' 4th Game
18K1-Indiana Gators Smitson vs 18L2-Newtown Rock Elite
18K2-Maryland STARS Gold vs 18L1-Kane County Xplosion
18K3-Ohio Ice Gold vs 18L4-UNY Revolution Gold
18K4-Pittsburgh Nitro Showcase vs 18L3-Ohio Stingrays Griffin


16M1-Gators Softball PA
16M2-Indiana Shockwaves Perry
16M3-Ohio Lady Lasers Silver
16M4-Turnin2 Root

16N1-Indiana Prospects Benefiel
16N2-Ohio Wolfpack Black
16N3-Team Kentucky Gold Wise
16N4-West Virginia Dusters

16U POOL 'M' & 'N' 4th Game
16M1-Gators Softball PA vs 16N4-West Virginia Dusters
16M2-Indiana Shockwaves Perry vs 16N3-Team Kentucky Gold Wise
16M3-Ohio Lady Lasers Silver vs 16N1-Indiana Prospects Benefiel
16M4-Turnin2 Root vs 16N2-Ohio Wolfpack Black

16O1-Finesse Fastpitch Wojick
16O2-Indiana Gators Linton
16O3-Ohio Impact Phares
16O4-Syracuse Sports Zone

16P1-Bulls Sox Academy CW
16P2-Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos
16P3-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold Niglio
16P4-UNY Revolution Gold

16U POOL 'O' & 'P' 4th Game
16O1-Finesse Fastpitch Wojick vs 16P4-UNY Revolution Johnson
16O2-Indiana Gators Linton vs 16P1-Bulls Sox Academy CW
16O3-Ohio Impact Phares vs 16P3-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold Niglio
16O4-Syracuse Sports Zone vs 16P2-Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos


16U POOL 'A' Hilliard
16A1-Banshee Fastpitch
16A2-Carolina Elite National
16A3-Ohio Lady Lasers Green
16A4-Turnin2 Pezz

16U POOL 'B' Hilliard
16B1-Outlaws Elite PA White
16B2-Intensity Midwest Pothrock
16B3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson
16B4-Team NC Mele

16U POOL 'A' & 'B 4th Game
16A1-Banshee Fastpitch vs 16B2-Intensity Midwest Rothrock
16A2-Carolina Elite National vs 16B3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson
16A3-Ohio Lady Lasers Green vs 16B4-Team NC Mele
16A4-Turnin2 Pezz vs 16B1-Outlaws Elite PA White

16U POOL 'C' Hilliard
16C1-Indiana Shockwaves Rayman
16C2-Ohio Stingrays Thompson
16C3-Team NC Huss
16C4-Victory USA

16U POOL 'D' Hilliard
16D1-Indiana Gators Elite
16D2-Louisville Cyclones Gorges
16D3-Ohio Emeralds Johnson
16D4-Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner

16U POOL 'C' & 'D' 4th Game
16C1-Indiana Shockwaves Rayman vs 16D3-Ohio Emeralds Johnson
16C2-Ohio Stingrays Thompson vs 16D2-Louisville Cyclones Gorges
16C3-Team NC Huss vs 16D1-Indiana Gators Elite
16C4-Victory USA vs 16D4-Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner

16U POOL 'E' Hilliard
16E1-Colorado Crush Higens
16E2-Ohio Lady Lasers White
16E3-Team Kentucky ASA Gold
16E4-Team PA Sroka

16U POOL 'F' Hilliard
16F1-Indiana Dreams Foster
16F2-Motor City Madness
16F3-Ohio Stingrays Mattix
16F4-Wheatland Spikes Rau

16U POOL 'E' & 'F' 4th Game
16E1-Colorado Crush Higens vs 16F4-Wheatland Spikes Rau
16E2-Ohio Lady Lasers White vs 16F2-Motor City Madness
16E3-Team Ky ASA Gold vs 16F3-Ohio Stingrays Mattix
16E4-Team PA Sroka vs 16F1-Indiana Dreams Foster

16U POOL 'G' Hilliard
16G1-Cincy DOOM Gold Barnes
16G2-Gold Coast Hurricanes Armstrong
16G3-Louisville Stunners Goodman
16G4-TC Futures 2020

16U POOL 'H' Hilliard
16H1-Michigan Batbusters Beard
16H2-NY Diamond Girls Gold
16H3-Ohio Wolfpack Dudek
16H4-WV Lady 'Eers

16U POOL 'G' & 'H' 4th Game
16G1-Cincy DOOM Gold Barnes vs 16H4-WV Lady 'Eers
16G2-Gold Coast Hurricanes Armstrong vs 16H3-Ohio Wolfpack Dudek
16G3-Louisville Stunners Goodman vs 16H2-NY Diamond Girls Gold
16G4-TC Futures 2020 vs 16H1-Michigan Batbusters Beard


14U POOL 'I'
14I1-Michigan Bulldogs Nemitz
14I2-NWI Sox Fossey
14I3-Ohio Lady Lasers Red
14I4-Team PA Kocur

14U POOL 'J'
14J1-Canonsburg Lady Knights
14J2-NKY Bandits Premier
14J3-Michigan Warriors Mobley
14J4-Team Ohio Gray

14U POOL 'I' & 'J' 4th Game
14I1-MNichigan Bulldogs Nemitz vs 14J1-Canonsburg Lady Knights
14I2-NWI Sox Fossey vs 14J2-NKY Bandits Premier
14I3-Ohio Lady Lasers Red vs 14J3-Michigan Warriors Mobley
14I4-Team PA Kocur vs 14J4-Team Ohio Gray

14U POOL 'K'
14K1-Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger
14K2-Indy Dreams Gold Lewis
14K3-Ohio Wolfpack Colins
14K4-Steel City Cyclones Cox

14U POOL 'L'
14L1-Indy Crush Gold
14L2-Motor City Madness Collins
14L3-Ohio STARZ Griffith
14L4-WV Firestix Haynes

14U POOL 'K' & 'L' 4th Game
14K1-Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger vs 14L4-WV Firestix Haynes
14K2-Indy Dreams Gold Lewis vs 14L3-Ohio STARZ Griffith
14K3-Ohio Wolfpack Collins vs 14L1-Indy Crush Gold
14K4-Steel City Cyclones Cox vs 14L2-Motor City Madness Collins

14U POOL 'M'
14M1-Indy Dreams Massey
14M2-MOV Pride Premier
14M3-NY Diamond Girls Mattison
14M4-Ohio Stingrays Pope

14U POOL 'N'
14N1-Michigan Batbusters Alessandrini
14N2-Morris County Belles
14N3-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold Prady
14N4-UNY Revolution Roman

14U POOL 'M' & 'N' 4th Game
14M1-Indy Dreams Massey vs 14N4-UNY Revolution Roman
14M2-MOC Pride Premier vs 14N3-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold Prady
14M3-NY Diamond Girls Mattison vs 14N2-Morris County Belles
14M4-Ohio Stingrays Pope vs 14N1-Michigan Batbusters Alessandrini

14U POOL 'O'
14O1-Nitro Fastpitch Griffin
14O2-Victory USA
14O3-Intensity Midwest Ganeff
14O4-Ohio Lady Lasers Gold

14U POOL 'P'
14P1-Beverly Bandits Futures
14P2-Indiana Shockwaves Harvey
14P3-Louisville Stunners Tharp
14P4-Turnin2 Stock

14U POOL 'O' & 'P' 4th Game
14O1-Nitro Fastpitch Griffin vs 14P1-Beverly Bandits Futures
14O2-Victory USA vs 14P2-Indiana Shockwaves Harvey
14O3-Intensity Midwest Ganeff vs 14P3-Louisville Stunners Tharp
14O4-Ohio Lady Lasers Gold vs 14P4-Turnin2 Stock


14U POOL 'Q'
14Q1-Indiana Shockwaves Burton
14Q2-Finesse Fastpitch Hool
14Q3-Ohio Stingrays Rheaume
14Q4-Outlaws Futures PA Rapp

14U POOL 'R'
14R1-Indiana Fusion Elite
14R2-Ohio Wolfpack Hysong
14R3-Pittsburgh Power Elite
14R4-Team Kentucky ASA Gold

14U POOL 'Q' & 'R' 4th Game
14Q1-Indiana Shockwaves Burton vs 14R3-Pittsburgh Power Elite
14Q2-Finesse Fastpitch Hool vs 14R2-Ohio Wolfpack Hysong
14Q3-Ohio Stingrays Rheaume vs 14R4-Team Kentucky ASA Gold
14Q4-Outlaws Futures PA Rapp vs 14R1-Indiana Fusion Elite
14U POOL 'S'
14S1-Indiana Gators Adams
14S2-Ohio STARZ Thomas
14S3-Outlaws Futures WV Wolfe
14S4-Pittsburgh Spirit Hess

14U POOL 'T'
14T1-Indy Crush 2K4 Premier
14T2-Ohio hawks Gold Young
14T3-Team PA Hartman
14T4-Turnin2 Radinski

14U POOL 'S' & 'T' 4th Game
14S1-Indiana Gators Adams vs 14T4-Turnin2 Radinski
14S2-Ohio STARZ Thomas vs 14T3-Team PA Hartman
14S3-Outlaws Futures WV Wolfe vs 14T2-Ohio Hawks Gold Young
14S4-Pittsburgh Spirit Hess vs 14T1-Indy Crush 2K4 Gold

14U POOL 'U'
14U1-Indiana Dreams Walters
14U2-Michigan Batbusters Yoskovich
14U3-Outlaws Futures PA Garroway
14U4-Vikings Elite Evans

14U POOL 'V'
14V1-Diamond Chix Tucker
14V2-Edgewood Lady Bulldogs
14V3-Inferno Elite Trine
14V4-Michigan Outlaws Sherrill

14U POOL 'U' & 'V' 4th Game
14U1-Indiana Dreams Walters vs 14V4-Michigan Outlaws Sherrill
14U2-Michigan Batbusters Yoskovich vs 14V3-Inferno Elite Trine
14U3-Outlaws Future PA Garroway vs 14V2-Edgewood Lady Bulldogs
14U4-Vikings Elite Evans vs 14V1-Diamond Chix Tucker


12AA1-Michigan Batbusters Maloney
12AA2-Ohio Ice Blue
12AA3-Outlaws Futures OH Johnson
12AA4-VA Xplosion

12BB1-Ohio Hawks Galownia
12BB2-Ohio Stingrays Talbot
12BB3-SC Prospects Jones
12BB4-Turnin2 Bradshaw

12U POOL 'AA' & 'BB' 4th Game
12AA1-Michigan Batbusters Maloney vs 12BB2-Ohio Stingrays Talbot
12AA2-Ohio Ice Blue vs 12BB1-Ohio Hawks Galownia
12AA3-Outlaws Futures OH Johnson vs 12BB4-Turnin2 Bradshaw
12AA4-VA Xplosion vs 12BB3-SC Prospects Jones
12CC1-Beverly Bandits Premier
12CC2-Ohio Lady Lasers Blue
12CC3-Ohio Lightning Redford
12CC4-WV Firestix Young

12DD1-FAST Wizards Elite
12DD2-Finesse Fastpitch Henegar
12DD3-Ohio Ice White
12DD4-Team PA Lloyd

12U POOL 'CC' & 'DD' 4th Game
12CC1-Beverly Bandits Premier vs 12DD3-Ohio Ice White
12CC2-Ohio Lady Lasers Blue vs 12DD2-Finesse Fastpitch Henegar
12CC3-Ohio Lightning Redford vs 12DD1-FAST Wizards Elite
12CC4-WV Firestix Young vs 12DD4-Team PA Lloyd

12EE1-Beverly Bandits DeMarini
12EE2-Morris County Belles
12EE3-Ohio Stingrays McDaniel
12EE4-Pittsburgh Predators Moran

12FF1-Finesse Fastpitch Myers
12FF2-NWI Sox Eisfelder
12FF3-Indiana Magic Gold
12FF4-MI Legacy Thorington

12U POOL 'EE' & 'FF' 4th Game
12EE1-Beverly Bandits DeMarini vs 12FF4-MI Legacy Thorington
12EE2-Morris County Belles vs 12FF1-Finesse Fasptitch Myers
12EE3-Ohio Stingrays McDaniel vs 12FF2-NWI Sox Eisfelder
12EE4-Pittcburgh Predators Moran vs 12FF3-Indiana Magic Gold


10GG1-Explosive Fastpitch Black
10GG2-Ohio Ice Black
10GG3-Ohio Stingrays Mickey
10GG4-Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners White

10HH1-Finesse Fastpitch Davis
10HH2-Ohio Lady Lasers Gray
10HH3-Ohio Thunder 007
10HH4-Silver Creek Softball

10U POOL 'GG' & 'HH' 4th Game
10GG1-Explosive Fastpitch Black vs 10HH1-Finesse Fastpitch Davis
10GG2-Ohio Ice Black vs 10HH4-Silver Creek Softball
10GG3-Ohio Stingrays Mickey vs 10HH3-Ohio Thunder 007
10GG4-Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners White vs 10HH2-Ohio Lady Lasers Gray

10II1-Finesse Fastpitch Hoverman
10II2-Ohio Lady Lasers Orange
10II3-Ohio STARZ
10II4-Team PA Lucia

10JJ1-Motor City Madness
10JJ2-Ohio Storm
10JJ3-Outlaws Futures
10JJ4-Valley Extreme

10U POOL 'II' & 'JJ' 4th Game
10II1-Finesse Fastpitch Hoverman vs 10JJ4-Valley Extreme
10II2-Ohio Lady Lasers Orange vs 10JJ3-Outlaws Futures
10II3-Ohio STARZ vs 10JJ2-Ohio Storm
10II4-Team PA Lucia vs 10JJ1-Motor City Madness

10KK1-Indiana Gators
10KK2-Ohio Stingrays Back
10KK3-Ohio Wolfpack
10KK4-Turnin2 Pasini

10LL1-Indiana Shockwaves
10LL2-MOV Pride
10LL3-Ohio Hawks Emswiler
10LL4-Ohio USSSA Pride Navy

10U POOL 'KK' & 'LL' 4th Game
10KK1-Indiana Gators vs 10LL3-Ohio Hawks Emswiler
10KK2-Ohio Stingrays Back vs 10LL2-MOV Pride
10KK3-Ohio Wolfpack vs 10LL1-Indiana Shockwaves
10KK4-Turnin2 Pasini vs 10LL4-Ohio USSSA Pride Navy

The 2018 Master Field Schedules for all age groups can be downloaded below.

Tournament Information: 
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