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14U Pool Q

Standings for Pool 14U Pool Q

RankNameWinLossTieRuns ForRuns Against
1Bulls Sox Academy EG300184
2Turnin2 Robeson210811
3Ohio Stingrays Marcum1201715
4Florida Pressure National030215

Games for Pool 14U Pool Q

Indiana Shockwaves Burton17
Finesse Fastpitch Hool0
Pickerington Central #1 - Friday, 09:30amFinal
Ohio Stingrays Rheaume5
Outlaws Futures PA Rapp11
Pickerington Central #2 - Friday, 09:30amFinal
Indiana Shockwaves Burton14
Outlaws Futures PA Rapp1
Pickerington Central #4 - Friday, 02:00pmFinal
Finesse Fastpitch Hool6
Ohio Stingrays Rheaume1
Pickerington Central #3 - Friday, 02:00pmFinal
Indiana Shockwaves Burton6
Ohio Stingrays Rheaume0
Pickerington Central #1 - Saturday, 08:00amFinal
Finesse Fastpitch Hool7
Outlaws Futures PA Rapp3
Pickerington Central #2 - Saturday, 08:00amFinal
Ohio Stingrays Rheaume4
Team Kentucky ASA Gold5
Pickerington Central #3 - Saturday, 12:30pmFinal
Outlaws Futures PA Rapp1
Indiana Fusion Elite2
Pickerington Central #4 - Saturday, 12:30pmFinal
Indiana Shockwaves Burton3
Pittsburgh Power Elite5
Pickerington Central #2 - Saturday, 12:30pmFinal
Finesse Fastpitch Hool0
Ohio Wolfpack Hysong8
Pickerington Central #1 - Saturday, 12:30pmFinal
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