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10U Pool JJ

Standings for Pool 10U Pool JJ

RankNameWinLossTieRuns ForRuns Against
1Bulls Sox Academy EG300184
2Turnin2 Robeson210811
3Ohio Stingrays Marcum1201715
4Florida Pressure National030215

Games for Pool 10U Pool JJ

Outlaws Futures2
Valley Extreme Ray5
Coffey #4-Friday, 11:00amFinal
Motor City Madness Hool10
Ohio Storm Pollard2
Coffey #3-Friday, 11:00amFinal
Ohio Storm Pollard3
Valley Extreme Ray4
Coffey #2-Friday, 03:30pmFinal
Motor City Madness Hool3
Outlaws Futures0
Coffey #1-Friday, 03:30pmFinal
Ohio Storm Pollard3
Outlaws Futures1
Coffey #4-Saturday, 09:30amFinal
Motor City Madness Hool0
Valley Extreme Ray1
Coffey #3-Saturday, 09:30amFinal
Ohio Lady Lasers Orange11
Outlaws Futures11
Coffey #2-Saturday, 02:00pmFinal
Finesse Fastpitch Hoverman6
Valley Extreme Ray4
Coffey #1-Saturday, 02:00pmFinal
Team PA Lucia2
Motor City Madness Hool6
Coffey #4-Saturday, 02:00pmFinal
Ohio Starz Brunty9
Ohio Storm Pollard5
Coffey #3-Saturday, 02:00pmFinal
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